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Horse Fencing & Equestrian Services

James Griffiths Fencing and Groundworks Contractors offer equestrian services throughout the Midlands area including Horse Fencing, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire. From Equestrian / Horse Fencing to field access/gateway solutions, James Griffiths Fencing and Groundworks Contractors can cater for all of your equestrian fencing needs. Horse Fencing for the field is only part of the services James Griffiths is able to offer, with a vast experience in site clearance and construction, James Griffiths Fencing and Groundworks would be happy to quote to construct your new stable yard or menage. James Griffiths Fencing and Groundworks Contractors's work to the highest standard to ensure a quality, professional finish on all work undertaken. For further information or for a quote on any of the following works, please call or use our Contact Form on the Contact page of the website and we will be in touch!

Horse post and rail fencing

Equestrian Fencing Solutions


* Post and Rail Fencing

* Paddock Fencing

* Horse Netting

* Gateway relocation

* Gateway Access Solutions

Equestrian & Agricultural Water Supply - Field Water Troughs

Equestrian Water Trough Installation


* Field Water Trough Installation

* Stable Water System Installation

Equestrian Menage Construction & Repair

Equestrian Menage Construction


* Menage Construction

* Menage Repairs

* Menage Site Clearance

Stable Construction and Repair


* Stable Site Clearance

* Stable Construction

* Stable Repairs and Maintenance

* Stable Base Concreting